“Which startups in Berlin are hiring?” The answer always is the same: “Look at the startups and if you like one, submit your CV with a reason why you would make a great addition to the team”. Since most companies (and startups especially) are always looking for people, this leaves only one problem. Where to find these startups?

If you look through the links in Berlin job offers, you will notice that many startups are missing. To help you find out who is hiring in Berlin, I am collecting a list of all the startups and companies searching around Internet / Tech / Mobile / UX etc to display them here. To appear in this list I will need a contact from the company who will only be contacted once in a while to check if the company is still looking for people.

Know a company but dont have a contact for me? Submit it anyhow. :)

Job offers in Berlin around Tech & Startups Is your company berlin based and looking for talent? Add yourself to the list of "Companies looking for talent in Berlin"
  • Name of the startup / company, no need for legal terms like GmbH or UG
  • Max 300 character
    For some businesses native level German fluency is a requirement. If this is the case, please choose yes or depends.
  • If it is not clear from the website, please use a link to an imprint or alike so I can see this is Berlin.
  • Contact

    The following information will NOT be displayed anywhere and is only used to ping once a quarter / once a month to see if the company is still looking.