You probably landed here because you wanted to submit a

job offer to the Berlin Startups Jobs group (BSJG)

on Facebook. Great!  There are a few requirements as listed below. Read them, look at other approved postings in the group and then use the template.

If you … 


  •  BSJG is for job offers in Berlin startups only
    A startup is going for high growth and large scale. Agencies, some artisan crafts or typical small businesses may be ‘starting up’ but they are no startups.
  • Your startup name and website 
    In order to check the above I need the startup name and website. Recruiters can post for the startups they search if the startup is given.
  • Your entries must be in english
    BSJG is a english group. Everything you enter for the posting in the group must be in english but you can of course link to a non-Englisch job description.

Once you submit, I will check and if they meet all criterias, I post them to the group.

Template for posting

First line: name of the job + startup name

(Job description / experience required)

For how long and how many hours per week?

Office located in: (Enter Bezirk)

Is remote work possible? yes / no

Language requirements:

Mail / Link to use for applying:

[x] I know about my “other” inbox in facebook.