About itsinberlin.com
Like every other good site on the Internet, this one was born out of lazy^w from the need to collect information in order to point people to. How to find a job? Which events are running? A link list of articles about Berlin? etc.

While there are a lot of pages around Berlin as a tourist or student destination, those do not cover the needs around being a tech person. Tourist want to know how to go to Potsdam – we want to know how to get to Betahaus or the Supermarkt.

But aren’t there already site like this?

Of course. But they all have one thing in common: They are not how I want it done ;) Plus I needed a place to be able to connect Tech with Startup, German  with English and so on.


Nice to meet you, my name is Nicole!

Nicole SimonBy trade I am an author and a consultant on all things digital, specializing in tactics for digital craftsmanship. From simple stuff for SMB to more complicated workflow thinking for Enterprise, I have the advantage of combining very different backgrounds. I started out when “cloud computing” was called a mainframe, had my share of programming (but never got into rubies or pearls … C and php all the way, with a dash of awk), love my windows machine (quaint I know) and my awesome Wedding flat.

Being German helps to understand much of the problems expats are running into here and part of me doing this here or putting the work into the Berlin tech / startup facebook groups is exactly for that reason: I want even more smart people to come to Berlin. Because you know … everything is in Berlin now. ;) It is fun that its doubles as it’s and Internet, Technology, Startups ;)


Please feel free to connect on the usual places
If you think I only talk business there, I have to disappoint you: I am actually interested in all of that stuff personally as well. ;)

All of my public profiles except Xing are 100% english.


Nicole Simon
Berlin 2013